How many times have your mates asked you out on a weekend and you replied, “Sorry, I’m staying in to study”…………never, yeah?! But we believe you may have stayed in due to being short on cash….And yeah, we feel you.

These days, UK university fees are straight up highway robbery!

Ok we digress; it’s not as if good education was affordable enough to start with, yeah? But the point is, with the cost of tuition fees on the rise each year, more uni students are feeling the pinch and are cutting back on one of the best things about uni life…….having fun.

So with souring tuition fees and living expenses, how does a regular uni student make ends meet? You find a part-time job yeah? A job that pays you a decent wage, which you then use to supplement your weekend getaways, right? It’s not the most ideal of options, but whatever pays the bills, yeah?

Speaking of part-time jobs, would you be interested in one that gives you £50 commission per sale?

Yeah, you read that right. A £50 commission which can easily lead to a lot of extra cash, if you play your cards right. And the best thing is, you don’t even have to lift a finger.

Is this something you would be interested in?

If yes, then we invite you to Become A Hoodify Agent!

Earn Money Online

How Does It Work?

Becoming, and earning money as a Hoodify Agent is super easy!

First, you need to register at URL

Once your application is confirmed, we will then send you a stack of advertising flyers, with a special “discount” code that is specific to you.

And once a purchase is made using your discount code, we will immediately get in touch with you to arrange your payment.

Super easy right? But if you need further assistance, or if you have additional questions, feel free to send us a message.

How To Maximize Your Profits

Ok, so you’re now an official Hoodify Agent, and have a stack of flyers with you. So what’s next?

Start talking to people within your university

To get the ball rolling, start talking to the people you have the most access to. So that would have to be clubs and societies within your university.

Introduce yourself as a Hoodify Agent, and explain to them what Hoodify is all about.

Next, ask them what they need in terms of clothing gear. If they need t-shirts or hoodies for the coming school year, or for an event, inform them that is the best option to them. Tell them that every hoodify garment is made of high quality material. And most importantly, inform them that Hoodify only uses fair trade garments sourced from reputable companies and suppliers.

Also, don’t forget to inform them that if they choose Hoodify, they will be getting freebies like custom banners (two banners if they purchase through you) and free order deliveries within the UK.


Approach clubs and organizations within your locale

Though primarily caters to uni socs and clubs, it doesn’t mean you can’t approach any organization outside your community.

Practically, any club is fair game for you, regardless of how big or small they may be.
From bird watching clubs, photography groups, or even your non-pro football team, anyone is fair game for you.


Leverage social media

We all know how powerful social media is. So why not take advantage of it.

Use a social media platform that you are most comfortable with. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, it does matter. The point is for you to have a platform that you can leverage to reach out to people outside your immediate location.

Same as with the first tip, all you need to do is reach out, explain who and what you are, and present a solution to their club’s needs.

Earn Money Online


So, are you excited to start making passive income?

Are you ready to increase your spending power?

Then sign up and become a Hoodify agent NOW!

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