Are you looking for a personalised hoodie company? Are you in need of one for personal use, or were you tasked by your university society or club to find one?

Regardless of what your reason may be in looking for a customised hoodie maker online, the problem is not about finding, but rather picking the right one.

Do a quick search and you will see tons of companies promising the best custom graphic hoodies your money can buy. Some of them actually do deliver, but many….well, let’s just say falls under the “don’t believe everything you see or read on the internet” category.

So if this is your first time to order hoodies online, how would you know whom to trust, what to look for in terms of product quality, and know when how much is too much?

Don’t worry. We will cover all of the basic that you need to know in order to weed out the good custom hoodie printing companies from the bad ones.

So, are you ready?

Things You Should Consider When Looking For A Personalised Hoodie Company

Positive Company Feedback

Yes, we know, this is pretty basic.

But you would be surprised how many people skip this part. Be it because they were distracted by how good the website looked, how engaging and convincing the content was, or because they were lured by discounts.

Don’t fall for it!

Gimmicks like website layout, content and discounts are a standard marketing ploys. Even we give out a FREE hoodie for every order.

The point is not to get distracted and dig for information you need about the company.

And if the reviews you see points to them delivering on what they promised, then that’s a huge plus for them.

Detailed And Clear Information About Their Product

This is another one that many disregard.

Most companies that do custom graphic hoodies use cotton based products. This keeps their products affordable, while at the same time providing decent quality clothing to their customers.

And there within lies the problem.

  • Do you know the material it is made of?
  • What features does the hoodie comes with?
  • Where was it originally made?
  • How was it manufactured and what were the labor conditions like?

Some of you might say that this is nitpicking. And to a certain extent, yes it is.

But ask yourself this…. Would you enjoy wearing a hoodie that was made by kids in a sweatshop? Not a pretty picture for someone with morals right?

Product information should also contain details as to the process used in creating graphics on their products. Do they use heat transfer, vinyl, direct to garment, or silk screen? What specific type of cotton do they use?

Understanding how a product was made and what its materials are greatly impacts the next thing you need to consider, which is…..

Value For Your Money

Now if you did all the things mentioned just a while back, you will have a rough idea….and somewhat, a justification, as to why a company’s product is priced as such.

Factor in shipping cost, and volume discount, and it will give you a better picture if the company you are scouting is your best option.

And if you are planning to do a bulk buy, don’t forget to ask about discounts rates as some companies do offer such perks.

For example, we at Hoodify offer free banners, earphones, and even FREE delivery within the UK.

To End

We could have added more to the list, but we think those three are more than enough to cover the basics.

But if you want to share more tips, or even personal experiences, feel free to share it with us. The comment section is all yours.

Anyway, we hope that this article has helped you in some way.

And we hope that after all that has been said, you see Hoodify as a trusted name when it comes to your personalised hoodie needs.

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