What makes our Hoodies and Tees Ethical and Fair Trade… and Why does it matter?

Everyone wants to look good, of course, but when it comes to shopping ethically for clothes, the market can be a minefield. With consumer curiosity growing all the time into moral matters and demand growing for fair trade, vegan and organic products, it can be difficult to keep track of what label means what, what you want to buy, and what you want to avoid. Here at Hoodify, we’ve always offered high-grade ethical products that adhere to various international standards and accreditations – so here we explain the who, what, where, when and why of ethically-sourced clothing.


Every manufacturer is free to produce their clothes however they see fit, providing they fit their country or local area’s safety guidelines and are considered legally ‘fit for purpose’. However, the supply chain that each manufacturer uses is largely for them to choose; and its here that more ethically-minded companies may elect to ensure that everything is being made in the way they’d like it to be, morally.

Here at Hoodify, we dedicate ourselves to the utmost in fair trade and ethics standards, which unfortunately is far from the norm; many custom clothing retailers buy in cheap and unchecked raw materials to manufacture and sell onwards. We’re different.

There are several certifying bodies that research into ethical compliance throughout any organisation’s supply chain and manufacturing process and police it to make sure that everything being done is as ethically sound as possible. This includes two ethical supply chain and manufacturing compliance organisations that Hoodify work with: WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) and OEKO-TEX.


The term ‘fair trade’ can feel a bit overused, so its important to know exactly what this means. The phrase’s actual connotations are widely the same between industries, but in ethical clothing manufacturing standards, it means the following:

WRAP promote safe, lawful and humane ethical manufacturing. In actual terms, this means a few things. All local workplace regulations and laws must be adhered to, and in cases of countries where these aren’t all too stringent, looking to better them. This covers off everything from working conditions to transparency and having safeguarding procedures in place for anti-corruption and ethical standards. Child labour and forced labour are entirely prohibited, worldwide. All workers involved anywhere in the supply chain or manufacture of garments are expected to be able to work free from abuse, harassment or discrimination, for fair pay and for set and not excessive hours. All relevant health and safety guidelines must be followed too, to allow for safe working conditions. WRAP also ensure that employees are recognised by the right of collective bargaining (i.e. trade unions). Furthermore, the environment within which any business operates must be respected and to its best ability, not used needlessly or unsustainably.

OEKO-TEX administer an independent testing and certification system for textile production: spanning raw, semi-finished and finished products. This system was introduced in 1992 and focuses on scientific testing of the textile themselves, to verify their safety and sustainability. This testing ensures legal regulations are followed and there’s nothing harmful used in the materials, included some substances that aren’t legally outlawed or supervised yet. This not only safeguards customers but also companies – making sure they’re ahead of the curve when it comes to using chemicals that face regulation.

Hoodify subscribes to both of these high ethical and environmental standards to ensure that we offer the best possible products we can while remaining transparent into our practices, policies and people. This means that our products are routinely tested and inspected (including randomly, without prior warning) and every part of our supply chain is open to inspection by auditors.


Laws and regulations vary from not just country to country, but sometimes state to state and province to province! Hoodify purposely follow the WRAP and OEK-TEX ethical and environmental standards as they apply internationally and form a blanket approach to all areas of the supply chain and manufacture process, no matter where in the world they actually take place or are sourced from. This gives Hoodify real piece of mind and allows us to truly say that we offer ‘fair trade’ t-shirts and ‘fair trade’ hoodies.


It’s important to Hoodify that our ethics and compliance to ethical and moral standards apply to all parts of our manufacturing process – right from the sourcing of our materials through to the point at which you make a purchase and get hold of the goods for yourself. Our end-to-end approach to ethics, sustainability and fair trade ensures that our products are created and finished entirely to the best and most honest standards possible.


Good question. Here at Hoodify, we don’t have to follow these standards or put ourselves and our products through these testing processes and accreditations, but we choose to, because we believe in doing good to produce good. Our fair trade garments aren’t just great quality but also have been produced in a way that guarantees fair labour, fair pay and fair treatment to the environment. Ensuring an ethical supply chain means that we can truly ensure our products are constructed to the highest possible standards even before we receive the raw materials and that everyone and everything throughout the process has been treated in the way in which we would expect to be treated.

We also believe that every good team, society, club and group of friends wants to do what they can to help make the world that little bit better. Hoodify makes that easy for you by doing the legwork, so you can shop our fair trade hoodies and fair trade t-shirts knowing that you’re making a contribution toward ethical, fair business. If everyone did, business practices worldwide could change radically for the better; improving lives, garments and finances across the globe.

Make the change today and go fair trade with Hoodify!

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