What’s with all the Free Stuff?!

When you order from Hoodify, you’re getting the best quality custom screen-printed hoodies and t-shirts that you can find – but that’s not all. Not content with just personalising your team, society or club, we also include some great freebies with your order to give you incredible value of money.

The minimum order for a bespoke design from Hoodify is 50 pieces, but unlike other personalised attire companies, we allow this to be made up of a mix of styles (hoodies, zip-through hoodies and t-shirts!), colours and sizes, so there’s something for everyone you want to order for.

Your order won’t just consist of 50 customised garments, though.

With every order: Free Delivery

We offer completely free delivery to any mainland address in the UK. Of course, 50 t-shirts and hoodies don’t make for just a jiffy bag in the post, but a pretty hefty box – so not paying for P&P and delivery is a real perk! If you’re outside of the UK mainland, don’t fret: you can still order from us, just get in touch and we’ll find the best way to make sure your delivery arrives safely and on time. Lots of companies add on delivery charges and other hidden costs after an initial promotional price, but this isn’t something you need to worry about with Hoodify.

With every order: Free Vinyl Banner featuring your new Design

Of course, you don’t want to limit your club, society or team to just 50 people; you’re eyeing world domination, right? We understand that marketing can be tricky; not to mention expensive. In order to help you best market your group, we’ll print your new logo, image or design onto a vinyl banner for you to use at events, HQ or to be put up in a permanent home. The bold design we’ve created together will soon have prospective members and interested parties signing up!

With every hoodie: Free Earbud Headphones

Our non-zip hoodies have a hidden pouch for smartphones and devices, as well as slots for headphones to pass through and loops in the hood for your earbuds to hang while you’re not using them (well, and to avoid the dreaded wire tangle). For you to put your new hoodie immediately to the test, we supply a free pair of earbud headphones with each one! They make for a handy spare pair to keep in your hoodie so you never again leave the house without having packed any.

With every hoodie: Free Kit Kat

The Hoodify hoodies’ secret pocket isn’t just the right size for a phone – they’re perfect for a little snack too! Cushion the blow of your members having to spend some cash with their freebies and give them a little smile with a free Kit Kat in their pouch. Just don’t let them ‘take a break’ from official business for too long…!


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